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California Contractors State License Board
License # 892101 (Gen-B, C-20, C-36)


TRADEGROUP streamlines your flood and fire damage reconstruction. Because of TRADEGROUP’s licensing as not only a plumbing and heating air contractor but also a general building contractor, we have the complete team on staff to put your place back together better than it was before you incurred a flood or fire on your property.

We employ the most modern interactive insurance software and work directly with your insurance provider to minimize your out-of-pocket cost after the catastrophe.

Helpful Tips for Dealing with a flood on your property

  1. Call a flood remediation company IMMEDITELY!, for example: 
  2. Stop the water leak! Turn off the main water line valve if possible.
  3. Prevent intrusion into unaffected areas. Towels and other absorbent materials work well.
  4. Turn off the water supply at its immediate supply valves. Angle stop valves under sinks and toilets.
  5. Stay clear of sewer water.
  6. Turn off electrical devices around the flooded area.
  7. Move or elevate furniture to reduce staining.
  8. Lower the temperature to prevent mold growth.